Satenik Vardanyan

Satenik VardanyanCandidate of Arts, Associate Professor of the Department of History and Theory of Armenian Art, Faculty of History

She was born on 27.01.1974. c. In Yerevan: In 1991 graduated from A. After Chekhov. School No. 55. 1986-1990 studied at the National Center for Aesthetic Education. In 1996 graduated with honors from the Department of Art Studies of the State Academy of Fine Arts. In 1995 joined the Armenian-Italian expedition exploring the Urartian ancient sites of the Sevan basin, organized by Ancient Mediterranean Studies in Rome and the Institutes of Archeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia. In 2001 participated in the name of Aristotle. at the training courses of the Department of Art and Byzantine Studies of the University of Thessaloniki. in 2003 graduated from YSU postgraduate course.

Since 1997, he has been teaching world and Armenian art history at the Department of Armenian Art History and Theory of the Faculty of History of YSU, in other faculties of the university. 2012 year. defended the thesis entitled "The image of Jesus Christ in Armenian art of the 20th century (1900-1920s)" and received the title of candidate of sciences. With his research, he brought forward important cultural issues related to the manifestation of an ideal personality, revealed the still unexplored pages of Armenian fine art. 2019 received the scientific title of associate professor. He participates in international and national conferences with important and topical scientific reports. He has published a number of about 40 articles in different languages, including in prestigious foreign books, collections and magazines. 2020 His monograph The Image of Jesus Christ in the 20th Century and Modern Armenian Art was published.

S. Vardanyan's scientific interests include mythology, theology, philosophy, art, pedagogy, problems of modern Armenian statehood, ethics.

22-23 shoulders. Satenik Vardanyan was recognized as one of the best professors of YSU according to the results of student surveys.